Behavior Design

Designing for behavior change is systematic.
It’s not guesswork.

– BJ Fogg

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Who’s Building EH&S Habits, Anyway? Think Who’s Line Is It, Anyway?, with a Behavior Design-based approach using Applied Improvisation for environmental health and safety management professional development.

R|CAT’s Behavior Design-based service is based on the research, innovations, teachings, and frameworks of Dr. BJ Fogg. This includes Fogg’s Behavior Model, Behavior Grid, and Behavior Design. Considered in R|CAT’s Behavior Design service are traditional EH&S training and practices, Tiny Habits®, and Improvisation practices and philosophies.

Thank you for your patience as R|CAT develops this overview page.

Learn more about R|CAT. In addition to behavior design projects, our services include in air quality, energy projects, and environmental communications. Contact us over here.

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